The best way to control your mind; 8 tips to stay focus on your goal

Dec 18, 2020 | 0 comments

In the world of distraction, there’s a lot of things going on in life. Social media is a great example for that, people share everything and seem to love consuming those information too. 

When it comes to focusing, you need to get rid of everything that doesn’t matter from your mind and really pay attention to the one thing that matters. However, it’s not gonna be easy when you have many things in your mind. So you need to learn to control your mind in order to focus on something. Especially, that thing is the one thing you want the most in life ; YOUR GOAL!

I have some great tips for you to start being your own master of your MIND ; 8 Tips to stay focus on your goal

1.Daily Goal Reminder

You need to remind yourself everyday if you want your goal to stick in your brain! When you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed are the best time to do so you won’t miss a single day without your goal. If you want to achieve something, you need to wake up with your goal and go to sleep with your goal. No one will remind you of it, you have to do it for yourself! This will get you into the right path and you will never get lost from your goal.


Water is key for your brain, your brain will function incredibly well with water. You need to take care of your brain if you want to improve your cognitive function and build focus! I believe most of you guys know how important water is, but sometimes we just ignore it. But this is key to brain function! So, go grab your bottle of water and start to drink more….. One thing I think it’s really helpful is to get a bottle of water with you all the time because when you see it, you are most likely to drink it!


Nutrients are important as much as water, so what we eat is matter. You don’t wanna eat junk food because there’s not enough nutrients in it. You want to feel good and good food will give you that. There’ re so many good foods on this planet for you to choose. Why go for an easy choice just because it’s there in front of you? Anyway, take care of your brain and your brain will take care of you! Good brain, good focus!


Sleep is the only time for your brain to recover all the information that you’ve been consuming all day long. It’s very important, you can’t function well without sleep. When you have fully rested, you are good to go, more energy and more focus! If you don’t have a good sleep schedule, you have to create a good one now. Try to sleep more, I think 6 – 8 hours is more than enough. You choose the one that works for you.


I found that meditation is really good for focus! For me, it’s like an essential thing to do, like I can’t perform well when I go one day without it. There’ re so many types of meditation ; mindfulness, spirituality, focus, movement, mantra and so on. The purpose of meditation is to control your mind because when you are able to control your mind, you can control your life ! So just choose the one you like and works for you. My favorite meditation’s app is Headspace! Easiest choice is going to Youtube and type “meditation”.


I’ve been journaling for 3 years now, journaling is like my best friend! You can actually talk to yourself by writing on the paper! It is the best place to relieve yourself from the distraction world and it helps to build focus! It’s  your secret place, your own space where you can actually talk about everything you want, freely. When you write, you focus on what you are thinking about! Write about your goal everyday in your journal!

7.Weekly declutter

You need to clean your space every week, clean space is good for your brain! Get rid of something you don’t need (something you will never use but you keep it there forever!) or your trash can, whatever you find it distracts your brain to think about it all the time! When you clean your space, your brain can be more focused! Clean space, clean mind!

8.Organize your environment

Make your place to be more cozy in your own style, whatever makes you feel good! Organize everything in the right place, make it easy for you to focus on your work. When your stuff is organized means your brain is organized too. Your workspace should be clean without distraction, it shouldn’t have a stack of paper on your desk or dust everywhere like no one ever cleaned it before!

 I’ve been using these tips myself for years, and as far as I can tell, I’ve achieved most of my goals because of them. They really help me to increase focus and stick to my goals, incredibly! Those are good and practical things that anyone can start to do now. 

 One more tip ; start to implement one of these tips one by one, make it stick like a habit! Set your monthly solution; Make it your one month one habit challenge! You can add any good habit you want to improve by yourself. In one year, you will have all the good habits and you will see the world better!

Surirat J