How to stop being lazy ( Quick ways!)

Dec 25, 2020 | 0 comments


Guys, I know…. Being lazy is annoying. No one wants to be lazy, as well as I am because being lazy is killing me! I want to be able to control myself to do thing that need to be done! But life is tough, it’s not that easy to do so even we fight it so hard.

In order to win this war ( I assume this is the war because we are our own enemy!), I need to know what my weakness is, then get rid of it as soon as possible. Because I know that if I can overcome it, then I can do anything I want to….

However, these quick ways down below are my best friends when it comes to fighting laziness. They help me to be back on track every time I realize that I am being lazy, they are random ways that I’ve learned from books and online resources. But they work!

If you are struggling with being so lazy and you don’t know how to overcome it!  Try these now!

1.Set goal

You know goal setting is a tremendously powerful way to get you into the right mindset and increase your willpower! If you are lazy, try to set a goal of what you want to accomplish, you will find that it helps you to feel like you are living with purpose, and the purpose will drive you to do what you should be doing so you can get it done. Sometimes, it could be a small goal that you don’t feel like doing, and it doesn’t matter it’s a big or a small one, if you don’t feel like doing it just SET GOAL!

2.Create a routine

Routine is something you will do everyday, automatically whether you want to do or not. So, if you need to read a book that you don’t want to read, just set it to be your daily routine. It’s not gonna be that hard. You can dedicate your time 20 -30 minutes in the morning or before bed time, basically, anytime you want to do it. Of course, it might be hard at the beginning but once you get used to it, you will do it, effortlessly!

3.Make tedious task into a fun activity

Cleaning a house is not a pleasure activity! But maybe listening to the music you like while you are mopping the floor could be helpful. You can turn the tedious task into a fun activity! You might realize that the hard work is not that hard anymore. So, think about what you can do to turn the tedious task into a fun thing!

4.Use tracker

Tracker is a simple tool for productivity. It can help you to be more focused on your work and track your progress. You won’t find yourself lazy when you use the tracker! There’ re so many applications that you can choose if you want to try a tracker. But you can track yourself with your own system as well if you want. I like to use a tracker when I need to build habits, like drinking water or workout 3 days/ week….

5.Go for a walk or Dance alone

If you are lying in the bed or sitting on the couch all day long, binge watching the shows on TV and barely walk away from your spot when you know you should be doing something else that matters! But it seems very hard to get up and do things! Okay, you need immediate action to fight this monster right now! Get out of that place, go for a walk just to get some fresh air or you can even do some stretching, but it’s better to get out of that spot. This is a quick way to get you out of that groggy feeling! However, if you can’t get out of that area, try dancing for 5 minutes, that will help you too.

6.Reward yourself

Sometimes if you have to do your workout in order to get the body you want but you don’t feel like doing, and at the same time you want to eat donuts more than the healthy dinner you should be eating ! Aha! This happens all the time. So, don’t be hard on yourself, you can choose one of them, no workout no donuts or workout and have donuts. Anyway, you might don’t have the feeling for donuts anymore after your workout! However, reward can be good to you when you want to fight laziness but don’t use it very often!

7.Watch or Listen to motivational video

There are loads of powerful motivational videos on youtube, sometimes, it can help to fight laziness. People get lazy because they have no motivation! That’s why they don’t want to do things. Motivation videos will get you into the right mindset and inspire you to do something you want to… They put the pictures of people working hard and being successful , also have music that lifts up your spirit, there are powerful voices from motivational speakers and so on… 

Laziness is a dangerous enemy that will stop you from being the best vision of yourself! It comes to everyone no matter who you are, no matter what you do…. 

Successful people learn how to deal with laziness when it comes to them, they don’t let it beat them up! No, they fight back, that’s why they are win and success! And when you keep winning it, it won’t come back to you anymore! 

No one is stopping you, it’s you who’s stopping yourself!


Surirat J