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My name is Surirat J and I am a creator of SURIRATJ.COM. My purpose  is to help people who have anxiety and negative thoughts to overcome their own darkness! I’m also interested in the topic around self – development, entrepreneurship and financial management. If you are looking for somewhere to stop by when you need inspiration in life please feel free to come here! 

I spent time working on this blog during quarantine and I felt in love with it. Blogging helps me to connect to people who have the same interest and also helps me to  keep my motivation flowing. 

And I believe that anyone can be successful when they work hard and smart enough. What we can do is  to learn from people who have done it before, follow their steps and don’t stop until it we reach our goals! Most importantly, is you have to love what you do. Live your life with passion and never let go of your dream! 

However, I’ve been working hard on this blog in order to provide the most valuable content to my readers base on my own experiences. I hope you enjoy this blog and get the most benefit out of it and start living your beautiful life!

There’s no better time than what we have now! Don’t waste it ! 

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